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Institute of Fine Art & Craft

ARTCOZY STUDIO is a national center for education in arts, fostering the excellence of emerging and established artists and advancing art to create a more human world. Artcozy Studio was established by MR KUMAR AMLENDU in Delhi, Rohini on Feb 2014. Its aim is to provide education and training to students on a wide spectrum of Fine Arts.

ARTCOZY STUDIO is a place where the creative expression of individuals is nurtured and a sense of community flourishes. We seek to shape the global future of arts with an emphasis on excellence that allows its members to reach for the highest artistic standards as individuals while recognizing that the Art is one of the foundations of a healthy and creative society. This is a place where national and international leaders in the arts gather, teach, show and perform their work. The institute prides itself on its openness and on creating an environment that is safe, welcoming, and built on mutual respect.

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ARTCOZY STUDIO | Institute of Fin Art & craft.

"Best fine art study in one course Installation, New Media, Video Art, Performance Art, Visual Communication & Design, Graphic Design, 3D Animation and Photography are some of the newest subjects apart from the traditional ones."

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